Thursday, June 09, 2005

Who needs a draft? We'll just KIDNAP new recruits!

skippy the bush hussein kangaroo tipped me off to this item in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which skippy picked up from alternate brain.

In brief, 17yo Axel Cobb is being stalked by US Marine Corpse recruiters. Axel's father, a Marine who served in Vietnam, died when Axel was 4. Axel is not interested in signing up. His mother doesn't want him to. His father would not have wanted him to. But the Marines won't take no for an answer. The recruiter kidnaped Axel from his workplace and coerced him into signing papers the recruiter refused to explain.

If the all-volunteer military isn't getting enough sign-ups, and the Presidunce is committed to not having a draft, the only remaining option is impressment.

It was "Uncle Jim" (President James Madison, actually my mutter-th cousin mumble times removed) who declared what became known as The War of 1812 in part because of the British practice of impressing sailors (including natural-born U.S. citizens) into the Royal Navy. We no longer have King George III to impress (kidnap) our citizens, so now we have George Bush.

I know that today's teenagers are difficult to impress, but really....

They don't call them Uncle Sam's Misguided Children for nothin'.