Thursday, June 23, 2005

Weirdos who want to actually COUNT the votes

I just got my copy of the e-mail newsletter from the Verified Voting Foundation, a.k.a. These people are committed to the strange notion that it is somehow important to reliably count the votes in a democracy! What silliness. I mean, next they'll be saying that we should have a government of laws, not of men (not even men and women and transsexuals and genderqueers?). What then? A free press? Innocent until proven guilty? Give me a break.

We should all proudly walk up to the electronic black boxes, cast our American votes for the candidates of our choice, and just trust the party in power to tell us when they lose an election. If you're some kind of fanatic who believes in "democracy" and "freedom," maybe you should just go check out the Verified Voting web site. Democracy and Freedom are fine for Iraq, but we don't want them here in the good old U.S.A.!

My web site does not automatically produce an auditable paper trail (that I know of). Even the hit counter will lie if I tell it to. Goddess bless America!