Friday, June 03, 2005

Big Honkin' Disclaimer

Memo to those who might wish to comment on my blog: I have changed the settings so that you don't have to be a registered Blogger/Blogspot user to leave a comment. For the moment, you can leave comments that will be visible almost immediately; just allow a little bit of time for system refreshing.

Please do not abuse this policy by posting anything illegal, including graphically obscene material (please keep it PG-13, or at least have a solid reason for calling it NC-17 instead of X), threats against any person or group, or incitements to civil disorder. Comments containing any sort of racial, ethnic, sexual, orientational, or gender slur, or any other kind of stereotyping, must be in a legitimate context. For example, we can talk about the word "nigger," but you can't call someone a dirty nigger. Likewise, you can use the word "fuck," but please don't give details of just how you do such a dirty, dirty thing beautiful statement of love and affection. Just for the record, I am a short-haired pagan hippie genderqueer faerie faggot nerd geek honkie boy klutz middle-aged white male Macintosh® fanatic. My Zodiac sign is Cancittaurius, with Gemorpricobra rising. (I mean, really, if you can't already reproduce my entire natal chart just from the glimpse of my personality you get in this blog, then what use is astrology anyway?) I do in fact have a Canadian fetish.

The use of hyperlinks in this blog may be serious, satiric, or even downright silly. For example, the phrase "dirty nigger" above is a link to the future home of Dave Chappelle's official web site. I do endorse Dave Chappelle. Dave Chappelle is a dirty, dirty nigger — thank goodness!

I reserve the right at any time to screen your comments and remove any that I don't want on my blog. If you're pissed off that I removed your comment, your legal remedy is strictly limited to a refund for the total amount that you paid directly to me in consideration for keeping your comments permanently displayed. In other words, if you're lucky, I'll mail you the chewing gum from the bottom of my sneakers — postage due.

The appearance of quotes from certain copyrighted sources in this blog relies upon the Fair Use doctrine in the service of commentary or review. If you object to the use here of any item to which you hold copyright, please notify me.

This blog is copyrighted ©2005 by Lincoln Madison. Permission is given for quotes and excerpts, provided you cite the source as, and provided that you do not attribute to me any comments left by or quotations from third parties. By leaving a comment on this blog, you agree to its redistribution under the same terms.

The existence of a "trackback" relationship in either direction between this blog and any other site does not imply any endorsement from either party to the other. In other words, my quoting or linking you doesn't mean that I endorse you, nor does your quoting or linking to me mean that you endorse me.

I further claim the right to make public any private communication which I consider to be threatening to my person or (tangible or intangible) property. That specifically includes any threat to sue me or to interrupt the availability of this web site. Further, any communication not specifically marked as "not for publication" may be published for any reason at my sole discretion. Also, any communication sent by you to me shall only be deemed to have been received when I actually and consciously received it.

Amendments to this disclaimer may be made by my signed comments to this thread, by my alterations to this article, or by my posting of an amended version. Anything posted by any third party is in no way binding upon me, irrespective of circumstances. Not responsible for lost or stolen valuables; please keep your arms and head inside the vehicle at all times. Objects in mirror may be larger than they appear. This version is effective 2005-06-03.