Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stephen Colbert is Lincolnish

In the opening credits for The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert is standing in the center of a glass room in a stars-and-stripes motif, with various adjectives plastering the walls. Near the middle, he gestures to one word in particular, and this week's word (as opposed to Tonight's W├śRD) is Lincolnish. The previous week, 2006-04-03, it was Megamerican, which it had been for a few weeks. Back in January, it was Grippy.

Personally, I think the meaning is inescapable: Stephen Colbert is giving you all secret messages, telling you to read The Third Path, because Stephen Colbert the Grippy Megamerican is but a humble flatterer of Lincoln Madison. Either that or I've been watching too much South Park.

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