Thursday, June 14, 2007

Relentlessly Unfunny

Comedy Central premiered its new animated alleged-comedy program Lil' Bush on Wednesday. The premise is a bit bizarre: George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Don Rumsfeld, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton are students at Beltway Elementary School in Washington, D.C., in the present day, with George H. W. Bush [a.k.a. Bush 41] as the President, dealing with al Qaeda and post-Saddam Iraq. "Lil' Bush," "Little Rummy," "Little Condi," and the others are about the same age as the South Park kids, with most of the crassness and absolutely none of the humor. Not only did I not laugh once in an entire half-hour episode, only one thing in it even moved me to so much as a meager hint of a smile: the marquee outside the school proclaiming that Beltway Elementary has more vacation days than any other school. The real George W. Bush just hit a new low of 29% in his public approval poll numbers, but I expect Little Bush to outdo him in its rush to the ash-heap of TV series canceled after one episode.

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