Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Come join our zombie robot army to destroy the Internet!

Doesn't sound like a very appealing sales pitch, does it? It's the truth-in-advertising translation of a scam spam I received today under the subject line "You have received a postcard!" As usual, a quick check at what you're actually clicking on when it says "click here" tells the real story: instead of a nice .GIF image of a postcard, you're connected to an .EXE file on a server in Romania.

Romania's new tourist slogan: "Not quite as much organized crime as Bulgaria!!" They're sure to win quick entry into the EU with that one.

I would say that it's a safe bet that the program on the Romanian server will plant something nasty in your computer, probably making your PC a "zombie" with which to spew spam, host child pornography, attack innocent websites, or facilitate some other wholesome, legitimate activity. These programs are called Trojans, but they are neither condoms nor university students.

Be careful out there.

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