Friday, August 26, 2005

Please, give me a SIGN!

I drove down to Crawford today. Just north of Waco, I was feeling a bit hungry. Waco used to have a fabulous local landmark called Leslie's Chicken Shack. It's been gone for several years now, but I figured I would honor its memory with some fried chicken. I was weighing the merits of KFC versus Popeye's versus Church's when a billboard arose from the side of the interstate and spake unto me. No, it wasn't "Eat Here and Get Gas"; that's been done.

Bush's™ Chicken![Bush's™ Chicken! is a trademark of somebody or other (i.e., "its respective owner") who is probably not related to President Bush, and whose position on Bush's Presidency, policies, and (lack of) military service I do not pretend to know.]

What better omen for my trip to Crawford! I made sure to save my styrofoam cup; I think it will be quite popular at Camp Casey tomorrow.