Thursday, August 25, 2005

Greetings from Texas

Despite my very best attempts (with much help from BART) to miss my flight, and despite American Airlines' very best attempts to have the plane sit in the middle of a taxiway waiting until hell freezes over reason prevails in American politics a gate with a correctly functioning jetway became available, I and my little rental car are now in Texas, heading tomorrow for Crawford.

Tonight I am in Fichita Waffles Wichita Falls, visiting a lifelong friend who is also a friend of this blog. Tomorrow, armed with my "Pave the Planet" t-shirt and my "Pro-America, Anti-Bush" button and my "God Bless the Rest of the World Too" bumper sticker, I shall venture forth, forgoing the Dr. Pepper museum, to the west side of Waco. I shall find Camp Casey, or I shall drive around lost for a very long time trying to find Camp Casey. It's supposed to be a relatively cool day tomorrow, only about 101°F (38°C). This time of year in Texas, we call that chilly.