Thursday, August 23, 2007

Uh-oh! Grenada knows we're coming!

On last night's Daily Show, Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama let slip his future administration's sooper-seekrit plan for winning the War on Terror: invade Grenada, or if you want it to rhyme better, invade-a Grenada. (gruh-NAD-duh sounds too much like gonads, dude! It's gruh-NAY-duh.) Sadly, moose hips kink slips, or something like that. Trouble is, someone on the Caribbean island of Grenada read about it right here in The Third Path, so now they know we're coming! We've lost the element of surprise, so vital in military operations. Of course, we could always just invade Trinidad instead; it's practically next door. If we do it during Spring Break and disguise the land mines as beer kegs, they'll hardly even notice.

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