Thursday, April 05, 2007

God Hates Sweden?

The so-called "Reverend" Fred Phelps, the Kansas whackjob responsible for the "God Hates Fags" protests at funerals, and even "Thank God for IEDs" protests at military funerals, also operates a sizable fax harassment operation directed against anyone that his Westboro "Baptist" "Church" determines to be insufficiently hateful towards homosexuals. One of the recent additions to that list is the fax number for the Swedish royal family, because of the fact that a Swedish preacher was prosecuted for hate speech for delivering a hate-filled anti-gay screed as a "sermon."

The "Thank God for IEDs" protest sign has been used at the funerals of soldiers who were not even rumored, much less confirmed, to be homosexual, on the basis of the theory that God is punishing the United States for tolerating homosexuality. That's right: the Christian God is putting bombs in the hands of Muslims to kill God-fearing heterosexual Christian Americans because other people in America refuse to establish the death penalty for homosexuality. The Christian God is teaching America a lesson by blowing up and maiming or killing soldiers in Iraq, and the lesson is that God hates fags. That is why we're in Iraq.

The case in Sweden is equally illogical. The Swedish royal family has no influence over the making of laws in Sweden or the prosecution of crimes. Their duties basically amount to sitting around looking "regal," and occasionally cutting a ceremonial ribbon or two, or hosting an official dinner. They retain the titles handed down from generation to generation, but have no actual political power. But, because someone in Sweden was punished for inciting violence against homosexuals, Fred Phelps and his gang of theo-thugs have started bombarding a nice woman in Sweden — the royal family's spokesperson, who had nothing whatsoever to do with the case in question — with repeated fax messages, several times a day, telling her that all of Sweden is "doomed to spend eternity in hell, where all gay faggots will go."

The Ten Commandments say precisely zero about homosexuality. Jesus himself, in all of his sermons and parables, said precisely zero about homosexuality. The question then arises, why does Fred Phelps have such a bug up his ass (tickling his prostate, no doubt) about this issue? What about the millions of times a day that American children talk back to their parents without being put to death? That one is right there in the Ten C's, for Chryin' out loud. And what of America's toleration for working on the sabbath? For that matter, the Ten Commandments says that God will punish the children for their parents' iniquities, but the U.S. Constitution says that no crime of treason shall work corruption of blood. That's the United States Constitution in direct opposition to the Ten Commandments. Many, though not all, people who are rabidly anti-gay, lash out at homosexuals to cover their insecurity about their own secret desires. Maybe that's the case with Fred Phelps, or maybe there's some other trauma in his life that twisted his soul into a Satanic pretzel; who knows?

All I can tell you is, Sweden is a wonderful place. I'd much rather go there than Topeka, Kansas.

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