Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bedtime for Botha

P. W. Botha died on Halloween. Botha was Prime Minister and then President of South Africa from 1978 to 1989. In the face of worldwide condemnation, he stayed the course, refusing to give in to the enemies of white freedom, bravely standing up for the values that made South Africa a beacon of hope for brutally violent racists everywhere. Even near the end of his life, he was unyielding, insisting that he had done the right thing by savagely repressing the great majority of the residents of his country. He is truly a man who can serve as a role model for President George W. Bush. Although Bush is not a racist — Kanye West misspoke when he said that Bush doesn't care about black people; he should have said that George Bush doesn't care about poor people — he is stubbornly defiant of the norms of civilization and the community of nations, sticking to policies opposed by the majority of his countrymen as well as the majority of humanity, and torturing and killing those who stand in his way.

Botha will be sorely missed by the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Brotherhood, and the Republican National Committee. I hope his heirs will consider locating the P. W. Botha Presidential Library in Soweto, as a fitting tribute. Especially since he died on Halloween, it will be interesting to see where Botha's ghost pops up.

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