Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Two Wars of the Worlds

Frank Rich in today's New York Times (link above) writes about the difficulty that President Bush is having in trying to frighten America into "staying the course" with his agenda, both in Iraq and at home.

Just one quick pull quote:

The president has no one to blame but himself. The color-coded terror alerts, the repeated John Ashcroft press conferences announcing imminent Armageddon during election season, the endless exploitation of 9/11 have all taken their numbing toll. Fear itself is the emotional card Mr. Bush chose to overplay, and when he plays it now, he is the boy who cried wolf. That's why a film director [Spielberg] engaging in utter fantasy can arouse more anxiety about a possible attack on America than our actual commander in chief hitting us with the supposed truth. — Frank Rich, New York Times, July 3, 2005
Tom Cruise certainly is a nutbag adherent of a bizarre religious cult that was literally pulled out of the ass of a second-rate science-fiction writer — but he's still a good actor. Go see War of the Worlds, but also check out Frank Rich in today's NYTimes.